And Now For Something Kind of Not the Same…

Friends of Sketchfest, REJOICE!  for this fancy new blog will have everything you need to bring honor to your family in the promising field of sketch comedy! Whether you plan to create, watch, edit or otherwise support this grand tradition we want to be there to cheer you on.

Aside from our annual Sketch Comedy and film festival, Sketchfest offers many other awesome opportunities throughout the year so check back or subscribe for updates and general amusement. Here are some of the great new things the site will offer on a regular basis:


These are funny things that are happening that you should go to. Have we ever steered you wrong?


It takes a lot to keep Sketchfest Seattle running like the well-oiled machine it is; there are a lot of internal e-mail threads full of funny .gif’s that are of the utmost importance. Here you can keep yourself up to speed on the latest requests for volunteers, items of administrative importance and great new swag we have to offer. If you’re lucky, we’ll even share some teasers for this year’s festival but only if you are super good.


This is our excuse for perusing the interwebs for funnies. If you think something belongs here, send it in for consideration, though keep in mind we have some pretty high standards around here. We are not above posting videos of your cat provided he does an amazing Dom DeLuise impression.


Hear about our upcoming classes, seminars and other educational opportunities because our mission to support the sketch comedy community doesn’t end at laughing at your questionable sense of humor when in mixed company. We’d love to hear from those that have attended classes too, so don’t be shy to share your experiences! Now just be sure you bring enough for everyone, y’hear?


The comedy world is an exciting, sordid and at times even entertaining circus of delight. From new local venues opening up to new sketch related projects nationwide, we just want to keep you in the know. Also, I need to justify the Celebrity Gossip file on my Feedly site.


Want to get to know the performers or discover what it’s like to edit video for a sketch comedy show? Want to share your thoughts on the sketch writing process or tell your own “coming out of the comedy closet” story? We will be conducting irregularly scheduled interviews to further the world’s understanding and appreciation of this fine art. (Hehe… if you say that fast it sounds like fart.)

Please feel free to submit! We are excited to develop a vibrant community of artists and fans that can share their love of sketch comedy, and this process turns out to be a pretty collaborative effort. We may come from all walks of life, but we have something in common; our love of great humor.

Your journey is an honorable one because laughter is important. It has brought us through wars, recessions, shortages and even presidential election years. Through tough times it brings us to a place where we can survive; in great times it brings us back down to where we need to be. So keep fighting the good fight by bringing happiness to the world and we will be here to support you.

You probably didn’t read all the way through this (it’s like 600 words, come ON) but for those that did, we feel you deserve a reward. So now, back to our roots…


Don’t see something you wanna? Comment below or contact Nikki by the electronic mail and we’ll talk it through.

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