Catch a Ride to Sketch Month with Sidecar!

Hey there, friend! Are you excited about the month-long slate of comedy starting this Friday at The Pocket Theater? Us too! And if you’re the sort of person who hates traffic, hates looking for parking, and/or plans on partying your butt off after the show like us, we have some news that could help you out: we’ve somehow managed to scam the good folks at Sidecar into giving our audience members a discount on their first ride!

Step 4: we laugh all the way to the bank, suckers!

Step 4: we laugh all the way to the bank, suckers!

Just download the Sidecar App (it’s free!), set up an account, enter the code “SKETCHFEST” to save $15 on your first trip with Sidecar, and book your ride! Cheap ride! No gas money or parking spots to worry about! Potentially a new friend in the form of a nice Sidecar driver person! And you get to hang out and let loose with your favorite comedians without having to worry about how the hell you’re getting home after that third appletini.

So check it out! And be sure to let them know you heard about Sidecar from your pals at SketchFest! NOW WHO’S COMING TO THE KICKOFF SHOW FRIDAY AT 8:30?!

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