2008 Film Challenge

First Place Winner!

by BriTANick

New York, NY

Second Place Winner!

He Said It First
“He Said It First”
by The Public Service Administration

Los Angeles, CA

Third Place Winner!


Los Angeles, CA

All Finalists

An Amazing Breakthrough In Kitchen Technology
“An Amazing Breakthrough In Kitchen Technology”
by Gude/Laurance

Seattle, WA

Fog Of Love
“Fog Of Love”
by Meg & Rob

Philadelphia, PA

by Elders of the Dark Tower (of Xxoron)

Los Angeles, CA

by Front Page Films

New York, NY

McClure's Pickles
“McClure’s Pickles”
by The Apple Sisters

New York, NY

Skull and Bones and Teeth
“Skull & Bones & Teeth”
by The Chubby Skinny Kids

New York, NY

Stick Chicks
“Stick Chicks”
by Those Girls

Los Angeles, CA

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