2009 Film Challenge

First Place Winner!

Questionable Beef

“Questionable Beef”
by Lola Balatro

Chicago, IL

Second Place Winner!

Make Out With Me

“Make Out With Me”
by The Coffee Shop

New York, NY

Third Place ~ Three Way Tie!

Biblical Weather

“Biblical Weather”
by Dave and Tom

Los Angeles, CA

Crotch Kitten
“Crotch Kitten”
by Brevity TV

Los Angeles, CA

by The Bloomington Bros.

Los Angeles, CA

All Finalists

Break Up Sale

“Break Up Sale”
by USS Rock ‘N Roll

Los Angeles, CA

Beck In The Saddle
“Beck In The Saddle”
by Andy Cobb

Los Angeles, CA

Cash For Cats
“Cash For Cats”

Omaha, NE

Death Perception
“Death Perception”
by Gude/Laurance

Seattle, WA

by Koala Ninja Comedy

Los Angeles, CA

by Scott Gairdner

Los Angeles, CA

Paul Merrill: All American
“Paul Merrill: All American”
by The Entertainment Show

Seattle, WA

Regulation Vacation Celebration
“Regulation Vacation Celebration”
by The Public Service Administration

Los Angeles, CA

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