SketchFest Comedy Month


During the month of June Pocket Theater, SketchFest Seattle, and our vibrant and growing sketch comedy scene pulls together for one of the most eclectic and welcoming comedy events of the year. You can see nationally recognized acts along side brand new performers. 14 different local groups are taking part, along with special shows every week.

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Participating groups (Tickets/Showtimes) –
Charles – (
-Jason & Spike – (
Now With Dames – (
Boone Street Hooligans – (
The Entertainment Show – (
-Day Job – (
Drop the Root Beer and Run – (
Princess – (
-Attack! – (
-Tomato Tomato – (
-Liz & Joel – (
Turbo Turkey Sketch and Improv Comedy – (
Ubiquitous They – (
Pork Filled Players – (

In addition to these group showcases there will also be a bunch of community events.
Comedy for a cause [June 6] –
Featuring a $500 cash prize for a single sketch which is both hilarious AND informative about sustainable food. (

WhizARTbang [June 13] –
Variety show featuring wonderful sketch along side a bunch of different performances. (

Interrobang?! [June 13] –
What happens when improv and sketch collide? Find out in this one of a kind experiment! (

Iron Sketch [June 14] –
Two teams enter! One team leaves! It’s Iron Chef, but instead of food it’s sketch comedy! Instead of being hungry after watching people eat delicious food, you’ll be full of laughter! (

Fresh Sketch [June 15] –
We have assembled a huge team of writers who work weekly to produce collaborative sketch comedy. You get to see their very first showcase. ENJOY! (

SketchFest FundFight! [June 20] –
Our annual fundraiser pits 8 local sketch groups against each other in single elimination sketch combat! YOU DECIDE THE WINNER! (

Mashup Allstars [June 29] –
Some of the most established Seattle Sketch Comedy performers will band together to make an entire sketch show from scratch in a single weekend. Wow. (

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