Show Us Your Sketch So We Can Show Everyone Else!

Calling all Seattle Sketch Comedy groups! We’re looking for videos of your sketches to share on Facebook while we help promote the scene (and you)! The whole idea behind Sketchfest started with a simple love of comedy. That’s why we like to use our Facebook page as a place to share some of our favorite funny videos with all our fans. But anyone can put up old SNL highlights. We want a Seattle flair!

That’s where you come in. Send us links to your videos, be they produced video sketches or just taped performances. We’ll share our faves on Facebook and link back to your group whenever we can. Just keep it simple:

  • Group Name
  • Sketch Name (if applicable)
  • Link to sketch (our spam filters will not like you if you try to send an actual file, sorry)
  • Your web page (or Twitter, or Facebook, whatever you use so people can find you when they like what they see)

Email them to Randall and we’ll get to posting promptly! Just in case you’re the type to worry about these things, you’re not surrendering any rights or ownership or whatever. We just want to share your videos and spread the word about Seattle Sketch Comedy!

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