May is Sketch Month 2015!

Hark, what’s that sound? Could it be the thundering hooves of Seattle’s best sketch comedy troupes as they swarm through the city and into The Pocket Theater for a monthlong celebration of sketch comedy? Why yes, yes it is!

Sketch Month 2015!

Great guess, by the way. That was super specific.

Sketch Comedy Month is easily our second-favorite annual sketch comedy event in Seattle! We’re super proud to watch the scene grow from a fledgling nine groups and 18 shows our first year to this year, where we’re cramming 24 TROUPES INTO 24 SHOWS! Wow!

Get in on the RSVP action at our Facebook event. Online tickets are $10, versus $14 at the door. So go buy yours right now! It’s a no-brainer!

And while you’re snagging tickets, be sure to grab some for our SketchFest Fund Fight on May 22 at Annex Theatre! It’s our annual fundraising event and your favorite groups will be bringing out all the stops to prove who’s the funniest in all the land! Tickets for the Fund Fight are just $15!

Below is the official show lineup. Click the name of your favorite sketch group below to use a customized link to buy your tickets for their show and show your support!


May 1 – 8:30p: Part Plant & Ubiquitous They: Buddies

May 1 – 10p: Specific NorthWest!

May 2 – 10p: Princess & Troy Mink

May 3 – 7p: Pork Filled Players & Really Entertaining Show


May 7 – 8p: Etch & Sketch!

May 8 – 8:30p: Pork Filled Players & Day Job

May 8 – 10p: Now with Dames & Ubiquitous They: Buddies

May 9 – 10p: Iron Sketch & Charles

May 10 – 7p: Princess & Tweed Racket


May 15 – 8:30p: Now with Dames & Troy Mink

May 15 – 10p: Drop the Root Beer and Run & Turbo Turkey

May 16 – 10p: Ian Schuelke Wants a TV Show & Part Plant


May 22 – 8p: SketchFest FUND FIGHT! live from Annex Theatre!

May 23 – 7p: Ubiquitous They: Foxtrot & College Comedy Tour

May 23 – 8:30p: Tomato Tomato & College Comedy Tour

May 23 – 10p: Liz & Joel & College Comedy Tour

May 24 – 7p: Comedy Contest: Monogamish Me!


May 29 – 7p: Day Job & Approximate PhD

May 29 – 8:30p: Tweed Racket & Lake Party

May 29 – 10p: Mighty Mighty Mixed Nuts & Super Famous

May 30 – 8:30p: Drop the Root Beer and Run & Approximate PhD

May 30 – 10p: Getting Naked with Friends & Tomato Tomato

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