SketchFest Day One

Hey friends, I’m here to blog up your computers with the inside scoop on the fest. A blow-by-blow blog, if you will. A blogtacular account of all things SF. Blogtastic! There’s no limit to how funny the word “blog” is. Blog blog blog. Okay, I’ve reached it.

R & B kicked off the festival with a rousing set of old-timey sing-alongs and sketch-em-abouts. BFL followed suit with a stirring montage of short comedy bits. Both groups claimed to be the cutest on stage that night, but were quickly eclipsed by Furioso, quite possibly the most handsome pair of sketch bookends this side of Brychael. Not to be outdone, Kazoo took to the stage and presented an amalgam of comedic scenes which whipped the crowd into a orgiastic frenzy. By the end of the night, several rows of chairs were set afire, the downstairs Sketch Den was ransacked in an ecstasy- and Maalox-fueled dance party, and several sketch comedians had been groped. Awkwardly.

Actually, none of this happened. It was canceled due to Hurricane Ivan. Everyone go home!

Stop it. Opening night was fine, and although one audience member was drunkenly annoying everyone by scooter, no one was seriously injured and the fest was kicked off in style. Brace yourselves for the madness of night two, and check this space for daily updates on the fest!

Unless I get busy and forget. Blog!

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