Tickets Now On Sale For SketchFest Seattle 2022!

Click the image above to buy tickets to SketchFest 2022!

Every year SketchFest brings together the most talented and hilarious comedians we can find across the globe, pairs them with the best and brightest local acts already killing it in town, and curates the most magical laugh-a-minute fest in the Northwest. Come see us this September at Unexpected Productions.

Friday, Sept. 9 

7pm: Jeffrey Nickels/Cam Wylie 

9pm: Jean Paul Bros/Maple Daddies 

Saturday, Sept. 10 

5pm: Maple Daddies/Homeless Fireparty

7pm: Responsible Adults/Bad Medicine 

9pm: Amanda Xeller/EFTL 

10pm: ~happy hour hang sesh~

Sunday, Sept. 11

6pm: Seattle Showcase 

Turbo Turkey 

A Southern Mood 

Noble Rot 

Butt Collection

Drop the Rootbeer 

830pm: Jason Miller/Jordan Moeller

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