SketchFest Seattle 2019 Lineup Announced!

That’s right, friends. The stalwart SketchFest Staff sifted through each and every submission and spent hours debating and laughing and coordinating and cajoling and compromising and sword-fighting and FINALLY came to a consensus. And so we’re turbo excited to announce the lineup of the 20th Anniversary Edition of SketchFest Seattle!

Before we do that, let’s take a moment to mention that tickets are already available. Click HERE to buy your tickets to SketchFest Seattle 2019
And don’t forget about the Comedy Film Challenge – Sunday September 8th at the Central Cinema. Click here for tickets to that.

ChLane (Austin, TX) | Friday, 9/13 – 8:30pm

Marv ‘n’ Berry (Edmonton, Alberta) | Saturday, 9/14 – 7:00pm

A Walking Tour of Mags Corners (New York, NY) | Friday, 9/6 – 7:00pm

The Salty Bees (Atlanta, GA) | Friday, 9/6 – 8:30pm

Bad Medicine (Washington, D.C.) | Saturday, 9/14 – 8:30pm

The Nitro Girls (New York City, NY) | Saturday, 9/7 – 8:30pm

Drop the Root Beer and Run (Seattle, WA) | Friday, 9/13 – 8:30pm

Matt Olson (Seattle, WA) | Thursday, 9/12 – 8:30pm

Human Tubes (Seattle, WA) | Thursday, 9/5 – 8:30pm

Tragic Girl (Seattle, WA) | Friday, 9/6 – 8:30pm

Sleepover (Seattle, WA) | Friday, 9/6 – 7:00pm

The “Responsible” “Adults” (Seattle, WA) | Saturday, 9/14 – 8:30pm

CheerSpeare (Seattle, WA) | Thursday, 9/5 – 8:30pm

Matt Hatfield (Seattle, WA) | Saturday, 9/7 – 8:30pm

Sweaty Dee (Seattle, WA) | Thursday, 9/5 – 8:30pm

Rascals (Seattle, WA) | Sunday, 9/8 – 7:00pm*

Justus Ladies (Seattle, WA) | Thursday, 9/12 – 8:30pm

Bathwater (Seattle, WA) | Thursday, 9/12 – 8:30pm

KAZOO! (Seattle, WA) | Saturday, 9/7 – 7:00pm

Disgruntled Bit Players (Seattle, WA) | Friday, 9/13 – 7:00pm

Maple Daddies (Seattle, WA) | Saturday, 9/14 – 7:00pm


All shows are at Unexpected Productions in the Market Theater (1428 Post Alley) – You know, by the gum wall.
*Except! Rascals can be seen at the Comedy Film Challenge on Sunday, 9/8 at the Central Cinema (1411 21st Avenue). Click here for tickets to THAT!

SPEAKING OF TICKETS! Just in case you forgot, you can already buy tickets to SketchFest HERE!

More exciting news as it develops (like more performers, schedule changes, and special Industry Night guests and whatnot).

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