2012 Film Challenge

SketchFest™ Seattle presents

The 5th Annual Comedy Film Festival

This Just Got Real

For five years, SketchFest™ Seattle has been presenting the funniest in independent comedy films. New for 2012, we’re devoting an entire night of SketchFest™ to the Comedy Film Festival.

Not new, but exciting nonetheless, we’ll be presenting TWO awards for films. One is the Audience Award, voted on by that night’s crowd. The second is the Juried Award, voted on by three Seattle luminaries who will be in attendance!.

Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank has seen a million faces and he’s rocked most of them.

Brendan Kiley

Brendan writes about theater, drugs, and more for The Stranger

Danielle Radford

Danielle feels very strongly about stuff sometimes.

Each award comes with a $100 cash prize!

What: The Fifth Annual SketchFest™ Seattle Comedy Film Festival
When: Saturday, September 29th, 2012. 7:00pm (doors at 6pm)
Where: Central Cinema | 1411 21st Avenue | Seattle, WA 98122
Why: Because you can eat and drink in the theater.

2012 Comedy Film Festival Finalists

Winner of Both Juried and Audience Awards!

by Missing Earl

New York, NY

All Finalists

“5 New High Fives”
by Nate Smith

New York, NY

“Fuckload of Pasta”
by The Beta Society

Seattle, WA

“Hipster Foxworthy”
by Bobby Chicago

New York, NY

“Internet Comedy Star”
by Paul Thomas

Chicago, IL

by Jeremy

Chicago, IL

“Pinky Swear”
by Nik Perleros

Seattle, WA

“Road Rage”
by The Don’t We Boys

Grand Rapids, MI

“Rock Stars”
by The Entertainment Show

Seattle, WA

“Shit 1940s Girls Say”
by The Apple Sisters

Los Angeles, CA

“Venn Diagram Warehouse”
by Dartanion London

Seattle, WA

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