2017 Film Challenge

Twelve films, three guest judges, two cash prizes, food, booze, hilarity! It’s the return of the SketchFest Seattle Comedy Film Challenge!

We put out the call all summer for the funniest in short comedy films, and boy did you deliver!

Join the fun as we present the 10th Annual Comedy Film Challenge at Seattle’s celebrated family-owned Central Cinema (1411 21st Avenue). Tickets are only $15 (which does not include the cost of food/beverage). Click the button on the right to buy your tickets today!


SJ Chiro
photo by Truman BuffettDirector, Lane 1974
Stan Shields
Festival Programming Manager, SIFF
Keiko Green
Actor, Playwright

Not only will we be showing the best in comedy films from around the country, but northwest sketch group VILLAINS will be performing a live set. Don’t delay! Buy your tickets today!

Villains (Seattle)

Audience Award Winner!

Georgiana Episode 1: The Good Day
Tara & Carina Simmons | Seattle

Juried Award Winner!

Hapstance | Portland

Honorable Mentions!

How To Dance While Holding A Drink
Randall Otis | Portland

Best Choreography

Creating Backstories For Your Baby’s Toys
Brett Hamil | Seattle

New Mr. Rogers Award

Tune Out
Laura Merli | Boston

Best (Mis-)Pronunciation of Gif

All Finalists

Door Sketch
RJ Experience | Seattle

Charles | Los Angeles

Storytime with Dr. Lennie
Vox Fabuli | Seattle

Cat Food
The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie | Philadelphia

The Flat Earth | Philadelphia

It’s Fitz
Brian Fitzgerald | Los Angeles

The Thing From The Shed
Matt Hatfield & Kara O’Connor | Seattle

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