2013 Film Challenge

SketchFest Seattle presents

The 6th Annual Comedy Film Challenge

The 6th Time’s The Charm

For the last half-dozen years, SketchFest Seattle has been presenting the funniest in independent comedy films from around the country. Our 2013 Film Challenge returns to the hallowed halls of Seattle’s Central Cinema on Saturday, September 21st at 7pm.

Two awards will be presented: The Audience Award, voted on by that night’s audience; and the Juried Award, voted on by three of Seattle’s comedy luminaries.

David Schmader
schmader_groupSolo performer, columnist for The Stranger, world’s pre-eminent scholar on “Showgirls”
guppy_groupFormer cast member of “Almost Live!” Host of the Seattle Channel’s “ArtZone”
Danielle K. L. Gregoire
gregoire_groupComic and producer of The Comedy Womb

Each award includes a $100 prize!

To a filmmaker, a hundred bucks isn’t much. But to a sketch comedian, that’s a payday!

Grand Prize Winner

MoreRockLessTalk“More Rock Less Talk”
Charles | Seattle

Audience Award Winner

KountryKrock“Kountry Krock”
Molly Hale | LA

Honorable Mentions

Travis Vogt | Seattle
Honorable Mention to Travis Vogt for excellent filmmaking.

GiantBaby“Giant Baby”
Drop the Root Beer and Run | Seattle
Honorable Mention to Caitlin Obom for Acting

All Finalists

CivilWarFaceOff“Civil War Face/Off”
Dumbshit Mountain | LA

MonorailToTheMoon“Monorail to the Moon”
MJ Sieber & Troy Fischnaller | Seattle

PullOver“Pull Over”
Don’t We Boys | Grand Rapids

SmallWorld“Small World”
Aaron Kheifets | NYC

TakeHimOut“Take Him Out”
Morgan Grobe | Bellingham

Transformers4Kickstarter“Transformers 4 Kickstarter”
SketchZord | LA

TrapDoor“Trap Door”
Hesley Harps | LA

UnicornFactory“Unicorn Factory”
Brevity TV | LA

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