Let’s Say…

…you are reading this today (November 27th 2006) from somewhere in or around LA, then go see this show tonight:

All American Push Up Party

All American Push Up Party is a character-based solo show performed by Dusty Warren (of Flaming Box of Stuff). He has performed the show in New York, Portland and Seattle.

If you had to pick only 5 people in the comedy underground who should be famous and loved the world over, Dusty Warren definitely gets a spot.–NY’s The Apiary

Frankly, Warren’s a comedy genius.–The Seattlest

Mon Nov 27, 2006appearing with MadTV Writers And Actors On Hiatus8:00 pm $5UCBTLA

No let’s say you are reading this from somewhere in Seattle tomorrow (November 28th 2006) then go see the latest installment of The Cory and Doug Show at the CHAC Lower Level

on Capitol Hill at 8pm. This week’s special guests include Sunday’s Best (improv) Val Bush, Chris Haddad and Terri Weagant. It’s a scant $8 to enjoy so, so much.

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