SketchFest at ArtsCrush!


We’re super stoked to be involved with another awesome festival this weekend, Arts Crush! Make your way to the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center on September 23rd to give us a wave, high-five or one of those pretty smiles you do oh-so-well while we tend to our table at the Arts Crush Kick-off Fair!

If that wasn’t enough for you,  SketchFest will be sponsoring one of our wild and crazy Mash-Ups at the  Arts Crush Fair  October 14th through the 16th. For those of you not in the know, that’s a glorious two-day extravaganza of creativity in which participants concept, write, rehearse and perform a sketch show in only 48 hours. Yes, your read that right folks.

Want to join us or just learn more about this sweet festival of artistic wonders? Check them out here or here. And herehere or here.  And also there.


About Arts Crush:

ArtsCrush is 31 days of creative adventures in art, literature, music, theatre, dance, film and more.  Connect with artists, arts groups, and your fellow citizens in unique and unexpected ways.  This month-long festival features hundreds of special offers, creative experiences, and once-a-year interactive arts opportunities for all ages.  Visit to join in the fun.

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