StreamFest 2020 Day 2

The next show will be Saturday, September 5th, right here at!

Sketches include:
A Stockpiler’s Apology – The Paul Blinov Comedy Explosion
Post Quarantine Life – Mary Corigliano’s That Just Happened
Late Nights In My Bathroom Crying – Jon Savitt
Effects of Quarantine – AJo Logs
Tinder Instructional Video – Pickle Jar
GudeLaurance On: The Blue Angels – GudeLaurance
A Feminist Anthem (SYDA) – The Mean Wendy Band
Asian Alexa – Overstep Comedy
A Funeral For Smash Mouth – Jason Gore
Shitty Plumbers, LLC – The Midnight Gardners League
A Story About A Man And His Tarp – Craig Scorgie
Warm Wishes Greeting Cards – Performance Review – High Dramma
Fan Fiction – Bad Medicine

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