SketchFest Spotlight: Lilan & Wilder!

Lilan & WilderYes, “Lilan.” As in “Lee-Lawn.” More and more people are learning the proper pronunciation, as Lilan & Wilder have been hard at work since 2011 amazing audiences around Los Angeles and across the country.  The former college roommates and self-proclaimed “most hardcore best friends in the whole flippin’ world” are bringing the heat to SketchFest this year.

The daring comedy duo has melted audiences’ faces at LA venues like The Nerdist Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and toured the country savaging stages at places like the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, TX.

Lilan & Wilder bring an infectious joy to their sketches that lures audiences in before hitting them with the subversive stuff. Their high velocity hilarity stems from the weirdness in their everyday lives, and it gives their sketches a certain sense of heart.

If you’re looking to laugh with the ladies of LA, you’ve got one shot: check them out when they share the stage with Seattle’s own Now with Dames!

One night only: Friday, September 26, 7p at The Annex Theater.


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