The Full 2015 SketchFest Roster!

We already kicked things off with our 2015 Headliners. Now we’re proud to announce this year’s roster of local performers, selected by lottery and ready to rock your socks off this September!

In no particular order, here are your 2015 SketchFest Local Showcase Performers!

Lake Party
lake party


Ian Schuelke Wants a TV Show
Ian SchuelkePart Plant
part plant

Liz & Joel
liz and joelSuper Famous
super famousDeep Lez
deep lez

Sober Virgin
sober virgin

Philip Schallberger
philip schallberger

Really Entertaining Show

The Red Sun

Stronger Than Love
pork filled

Mighty Mighty Mixed Nuts

Ballard Boyz
Ballard Boyz

Tomato Tomato
tomato tomato

Getting Naked with Friends

5 Stars

Approximate PhD


What a fest! Between these local faves and our powerful headliners Charles, Day Job, Drop the Root Beer and Run, Girls with Brown Hair, Gossamer Obsessions, Princess, Ubiquitous They, and Vanessa Gonzalez, we know what you’re thinking: “How do I get in on all this awesomeness?!” Stay tuned for updates on show times, ticketing info, and more!

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