2018 SketchFest Lineup

We are excited to announce the 2018 Sketchfest Lineup 9/21

Darrin- Seattle, WA
Day Job – Seattle, WA
Diane -Seattle, WA
Doesn’t Even Rhyme – Seattle, WA
Drop the Root Beer and Run – Seattle, WA
Mad Gravity – Seattle, WA
Sleepover – Seattle, WA
Smat! – Seattle, WA
Sober Virgin – Seattle, WA
The Maple Daddies – Seattle, WA
Your Cousins – Seattle, WA

Out of Town Guests
D&D – Portland, OR
Not Oasis – Toronto, Ontario
Pure & Weary – Los Angeles, CA

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2017 Best of the Fest Awards

The curtains have closed and the recycling has been taken to the curb. We’ve turned the lights off on another wildly successful SketchFest, but before we climb into our hibernation chamber to plot and scheme over the holiday break, it’s time we acknowledge those performers who just blew us away…



It’s time again for the SketchFest Fund Fight at Annex Theatre, happening Saturday, May 27 @ 7p! Get your tickets now! Our annual fundraiser is a laugh-jammed bracket-style comedy competition where the best, brightest, and newest comedy talent in Seattle fall over themselves to entertain you and your friends. Why?…