Welcome to Our New Sponsors!

We work hard to put on the coolest, most fun sketch comedy events in Seattle every year (like our Fund Fight coming up on May 27 @ Annex Theatre!) and despite our constant whining about it, sketch comedy still doesn’t pay a lot of bills. SketchFest is run by a staff of awesome volunteers who do this thing out of our love for comedy and seeing cool people make cool art. That’s why we’re always super excited when someone sees what we’re up to and decides to help us out with a donation! We just wanted to take a minute and give a very special thank you to our newest sponsors for the 2017 festival:

Home Advisor

Home Advisor makes finding help to fix up your place easy: just tell ’em what kind of job you have, when you’re looking to have it done, and boom: they’ll hook you up with a contractor, show you reviews so you know their work is good, and give you a True Cost Guide so you know you’re not paying more than you should. Check ’em out the next time you accidentally pull your sink off the wall while you’re painting your toenails.


Redfin helps folks looking to buy or sell a house, and if you’re able to get in the game in Seattle at all you’re going to want all the help you can get. Find your next dream home, get connected with a real estate agent, or sell off your condo in Ballard and retire to farm goats in Port Townsend. You can also just while away the hours at work looking at all the pretty houses.

Ganja Goddess

Do we even need to explain why you might want to check out Ganja Goddess? Besides the obvious, they are community-minded and really excited to support artists, creative folks, and good neighbors. If you’re in SoDo and in the market for cannabis, hit up the goddess. You can tell them we sent you. It probably won’t do anything, but just tell ’em we said hi.

Thanks to our new partners and our continuing awesome sponsors for helping us fund the festival. Donations and support go toward venue rentals, green room craft services, and artist stipends to help offset travel costs. We couldn’t do it without your support!

Speaking of support, if you or your business are interested in making a (tax-deductible!) donation to SketchFest Seattle, click here.

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